Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doctor Doogie Hosts VGA 2010 And He Does It Well

Spike TV's Video Game Awards have been on the decline these past few years. Turning into nothing but a mish mash of bands and self promoting hosts, it's been loosing its appeal and its viewers. This year, however, set the bar higher and from the very opening, it let the viewers know that VGA knew of its past mistakes, it bloody apologized, and was intent on proving it still had it going on, WHADDUP!

2010's host was Neil Patrick Harris from popular sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and for old geezer's like me, Doctor Doogie. Needless to say he did a fantastic job at hosting the VGA, proving to be a fresh face with both class and absurdity we adore from him. His "porn video game names" segments were particularly, well.. Neil!

All in all, it was a great awards show, with more games than music (thank you!), and great choices.

Despite leaks among the gaming community, GOW's Kratos was officially confirmed as a guest character for PS3's Mortal Kombat with an amazing teaser trailer. Who hadn't seen it coming though? And what will the XBox 360 get? I put my money on Marcus from Gears of War, but I guess we'll see.

Oh and anyone else fangasmed at the Mass Effect 3 trailer? OOOH YEAH! Bring on the Shepard goodness! And lets not forget the teaser trailer for Portal 2!!!

The winner of the VGA, as most of us guessed, turned out to be Red Dead Redemption; a well deserved award.

All in all, the awards were enjoyable and fun, far more than previous years. I still, however, have a few small gripes. It seems Nintendo was completely ignored this year. I don't own a Wii personally, but I've played enough to believe a few titles could have slipped through nominations. I suppose the fact that most good Wii games are Japanese played a role in this. Also, some of the jokes were flat, boring, and clearly not rehearsed. One of the hosts announcing a segment (male voice actor if I recall correctly), seemed uneasy and it felt like she did not know what she was doing on stage. Same with Dominic Monaghan, who seemed just as lost (no puns intended).

Still, great awards and hopefully they'll only get better from here on out!