Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cool Taxi Against Drunk Driving

Last year, tragedy struck three families as three young girls jumped in a car with a drunk driver. While the three girls survived, they were critically wounded and their lives are forever changed. While this happened in the province of Québec, Canada, the gruesome reality is that thousands of good people die on the roads each year because of drunk driving.

Fathers to those three girls, Michel Méthot, François Rozon and Nicola Di Iorio, decided that enough was enough and it was time to take action. How? By coming up with such a brilliant and simple idea you'd think that, in 2010, it would have been implemented decades ago.

Cool Taxi, prepaid coupons between 5 and 10 dollars will gradually be available in 48 taxi company offices across the province. These coupons will help teenagers take a taxi home after a night of fun and partying, and parents needn't be worried they would be used for anything else than coming home safely. It is hoped that in time, those coupons will be widely available in pharmacies, liquor stores and gas stations.

Unlike Operation Red Nose*, Cool Taxi will be available all year long.

As a mother myself, this gives me hope less people will think themselves invincible and drive drunk, endangering not only themselves but our families. I'm hoping Cool Taxi will become widespread across the country and even further in time.

As the Holidays approaches, please drive safely and if you don't have a designated driver, spending a few bucks on a taxi compared to your priceless life and that of others around you.

* Operation Red Nose: Operation Red Nose is a unique program dedicated against drinking and driving. Essentially, it is a volunteer driving service provided during the Holiday Season to all drivers who have been drinking or who do not feel fit to drive their own vehicle. It is an original and free way of getting a safe ride in one’s own vehicle without driving it!