Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reboot my ReBoot!

My childhood was marked by many awesome cartoons. Even to this day, some fo these cartoons are returning, either as a new series or as movies, and the younger generation have little to no idea where these great movies and cartoons come from.

One cartoon particularly caught my attention when I was a young teen, and was basically the pre-cursor of today's 3D animated cartoon series (note I didn't say movies), and that tv show was none other than Mainframe's acclaimed series: ReBoot. A few weeks ago, I happened on Season 3 of the tv series on Teletoon Retro and was amazed as how good it still was. Sure, Season 1 was pretty silly, but Season 2 started to add a major back story that ended in a cliffhanger that had everyone on the edge of their seat. Then Season 3 was handed to us on a silver plate and many, many surprises, with a rich and sometimes dark story and renewed animation.

Following the "lives" of the sprites that live inside your computer, ReBoot was pretty original in itself, creating a whole world us, users, wouldn't think exist within the machine we take for granted. The series lasted from 1994 until 2002. While Season 1 to 3 are still considered classics, many fans were not too happy with the later Season. There was never a conclusion, and the story came to an abrupt stop. Since then, fans (myself included) have always wanted either a conclusion or a "reboot". Now their wish may have been granted.

While Mainframe is no more, RainMaker is the company which took over the rights. In 2009, a single teaser was released, causing quite a stir among the Reboot fanbase.

2010 was the year ReBoot was getting.... a Reboot! Sadly, 2011 is here and no news. What could have happened? Some speculate RainMaker were looking to make a few bucks with a brand new ReBoot dvd collection and made claims of new ReBoot episodes for sales. Others believe it IS coming, but no news on when.

I'm hopeful I suppose, although the fans have been irritated with RainMaker not wanting to hear from them or respond to them. So who knows?

I'm eager for more ReBoot. It may not be exactly like my sweet, sweet memories, but I can never get enough of Bob and his gang.

See ya next time!    

Sunday, January 9, 2011

NosDreamer Radio Playlist Week 4

 NosDreamer Radio Playlist
Week 4

1. Don't Your Want My Love - Black Label
I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy
Taking Tea In Dreamland - American McGee's Alice OST
Foolish Games - Jewel
Mistake - Fiona Apple

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Friday, December 31, 2010

NosDreamer Radio Playlist Week 3

 NosDreamer Radio Playlist
Week 3

1. Ironic - Alanis Morissette
2. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
3. Faith's End - Christopher Beck (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
4. Mad World - Gary Jules
5. Battle 1 - Devil May Cry OST

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

NosDreamer Radio Playlist Week 2 (Holidays!)

Radio NosDreamer Playlist Week 2
Just in time for Christmas!

  • 1. XMas Day - Sevendust
  • 2. Mookies Last Christmas - Saosin
  • 3. Merry Christmas - Dark Force and Newtronic
  • 4. All I Want For Christmas - My Chemical Romance
  • 5. Carol Of The Bells (Remix) - Unknown

© Gainax

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mortal Kombat 2011's Kollector's Edition Revealed And More!

As a fan of Mortal Kombat since the original in 1992, I could not be happier with the way the new Mortal Kombat (also called MK9 and Mortal Kombat 2011 among fans) has looked. Responding to the old fans' plea, the series is being rebooted, looking better than ever.

Yesterday, December 13th, was the day the Kollector and Tournament Edition were revealed along with all their perks.

    * The Standard Edition includes the game only.
    * The Kollector’s Edition includes the game, Sub-Zero and Scorpion figurines, a collectible art book, downloadable content that includes an exclusive Mortal Kombat Klassic costume skin and avatar costumes.
    * The Tournament Edition includes the game, a portable fight stick, and downloadable content that includes an exclusive Mortal Kombat Klassic costume skin and avatar costumes. Warner says this edition is limited to 20,000 copies in North America.

These Klassic Costume Skins include Klassic Sub-Zero, Klassic Scorpion and Klassic Reptile when pre-ordered at different locations between Gamestop, Amazon or Best Buy. There's also word on recieving their original fatality as well.

Along with these perks, it was announced that God of War's Kratos was joining the Mortal Kombat roster for the PS3 during the 2010 VGA Awards last week-end. There's been no word yet reported for an XBox 360 exclusive, but I'm not worried about it. Where one console gets a character, the other gets another. Again, I put my money on Marcus from Gears of War if only because Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has mentionned many times how much he loved the GoW series.

Since I'm not very good with a fight stick, I'll probably get the Kollector's Edition instead. Not only that, but passing over the opportunity to have a statue AND an art book? I don't think so.

I'll be keeping up with updates on the new Mortal Kombat until its release!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cool Taxi Against Drunk Driving

Last year, tragedy struck three families as three young girls jumped in a car with a drunk driver. While the three girls survived, they were critically wounded and their lives are forever changed. While this happened in the province of Québec, Canada, the gruesome reality is that thousands of good people die on the roads each year because of drunk driving.

Fathers to those three girls, Michel Méthot, François Rozon and Nicola Di Iorio, decided that enough was enough and it was time to take action. How? By coming up with such a brilliant and simple idea you'd think that, in 2010, it would have been implemented decades ago.

Cool Taxi, prepaid coupons between 5 and 10 dollars will gradually be available in 48 taxi company offices across the province. These coupons will help teenagers take a taxi home after a night of fun and partying, and parents needn't be worried they would be used for anything else than coming home safely. It is hoped that in time, those coupons will be widely available in pharmacies, liquor stores and gas stations.

Unlike Operation Red Nose*, Cool Taxi will be available all year long.

As a mother myself, this gives me hope less people will think themselves invincible and drive drunk, endangering not only themselves but our families. I'm hoping Cool Taxi will become widespread across the country and even further in time.

As the Holidays approaches, please drive safely and if you don't have a designated driver, spending a few bucks on a taxi compared to your priceless life and that of others around you.

* Operation Red Nose: Operation Red Nose is a unique program dedicated against drinking and driving. Essentially, it is a volunteer driving service provided during the Holiday Season to all drivers who have been drinking or who do not feel fit to drive their own vehicle. It is an original and free way of getting a safe ride in one’s own vehicle without driving it!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doctor Doogie Hosts VGA 2010 And He Does It Well

Spike TV's Video Game Awards have been on the decline these past few years. Turning into nothing but a mish mash of bands and self promoting hosts, it's been loosing its appeal and its viewers. This year, however, set the bar higher and from the very opening, it let the viewers know that VGA knew of its past mistakes, it bloody apologized, and was intent on proving it still had it going on, WHADDUP!

2010's host was Neil Patrick Harris from popular sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and for old geezer's like me, Doctor Doogie. Needless to say he did a fantastic job at hosting the VGA, proving to be a fresh face with both class and absurdity we adore from him. His "porn video game names" segments were particularly, well.. Neil!

All in all, it was a great awards show, with more games than music (thank you!), and great choices.

Despite leaks among the gaming community, GOW's Kratos was officially confirmed as a guest character for PS3's Mortal Kombat with an amazing teaser trailer. Who hadn't seen it coming though? And what will the XBox 360 get? I put my money on Marcus from Gears of War, but I guess we'll see.

Oh and anyone else fangasmed at the Mass Effect 3 trailer? OOOH YEAH! Bring on the Shepard goodness! And lets not forget the teaser trailer for Portal 2!!!

The winner of the VGA, as most of us guessed, turned out to be Red Dead Redemption; a well deserved award.

All in all, the awards were enjoyable and fun, far more than previous years. I still, however, have a few small gripes. It seems Nintendo was completely ignored this year. I don't own a Wii personally, but I've played enough to believe a few titles could have slipped through nominations. I suppose the fact that most good Wii games are Japanese played a role in this. Also, some of the jokes were flat, boring, and clearly not rehearsed. One of the hosts announcing a segment (male voice actor if I recall correctly), seemed uneasy and it felt like she did not know what she was doing on stage. Same with Dominic Monaghan, who seemed just as lost (no puns intended).

Still, great awards and hopefully they'll only get better from here on out!